Essay on Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' The Mind Of The Female '

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“Frailty thy name is woman” (1.2.150). This simple statement is a resounding declaration in the mind of the female reader. This statement is a one of equality, however, this equality is not one which women wish to achieve. Equality to frailty is the only equation which Shakespeare’s and our own society wishes to place women in. The female will never be placed on the other side of the equation to their male counterparts unless between them is a less than symbol. Throughout all of history, in every culture, women have been seen as inferior to their male counterparts. Pieces of literature are often reflections of the social and cultural issues that exist during the author’s lifetime. During Shakespeare’s time, the issue of feminism was no where near even being conceptualized. Because of this, it can be difficult for a reader to see the whole of the injustices placed on Ophelia and Gertrude, the leading female roles of Hamlet. Shakespeare does not see the actions committed upon Ophelia and Gertrude as inhumane, therefore he does not dwell upon the wrongdoings of Ophelia and Gertrude as he does the wrongdoings against Old Hamlet and Hamlet. There are two ends of the female stereotype spectrum. On one side there is the innocent, weak, and naive. This extreme is represented through the character of Ophelia. On the other end there is the belief that women are nothing but manipulative, selfish, and sexual creatures whom every man should avoid. This extreme is brought to life through…

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