Analysis Of Martin Luther King 's Letter From The Birmingham Jail

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“In 2014, The ‘Kiss of Love’ protests started in south India when an unruly mob of attackers demolished a coffee shop in Kozhikode, a city in northern Kerala”(From revolution to 'racket ': All you need to know about the 'Kiss of Love ' case ,2015). The rowdy gang carried out the attack condemning alleged immoral activity of public display of affection by a few couples. As a reaction to the attack, ‘Kiss of Love’, Facebook page was made and asked the youth in Kerala to participate in a non-violent protest in Kochi. During the protests, several participants publicly displayed affection to take a stand against moral policing. In the context of this paper, I will analyze the movement of ‘Kiss of Love’ using the dissident actions of Martin Luther King. In his letter, “Letter from the Birmingham Jail”, there is an analysis between “just laws” and an “unjust laws,” and how “an unjust law is no law at all”. Indeed the success of dissident practices of Rev. King is visible day-to-day everywhere. Through an analysis of “Kiss of Love” movement and form, this essay seeks to show how this nonviolent dissent is an example about how youngsters is challenging the continuing restrictions on civil liberties and unruly administration of moral policing in the name of protecting Indian culture from the western culture influence.
The motive of ‘Kiss of Love’, was not just to raise voice against the moral policing but was also against all sorts of the “unjust laws” which was affecting on…

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