Analysis Of ' Manny And Dante ' Essay

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Manny and Dante’ waved us over to the bar, and we walked over. They both wore button down short sleeved polo shirts, cargo shorts, and the latest Jordan sneakers. I only knew about these because my students talked about the popular shoes so much. I wondered why their outfits were the same except for different colors until I looked closely at them. They were twins. I didn’t see it earlier, but now I could. Dante’ had braids and Manny had a fresh fade. They both had neat beards. Only Manny had a little more facial hair than his brother.
In no time, Manny and I got familiar with each other and gulped down drinks like they were free. Just when I’d made my mind up that I wasn’t going to drink anymore tonight, Manny offered to buy me another. I couldn’t resist and accepted his offer. As I watched Johaly and Dante’ play pool, I started sipping on my fourth alcoholic beverage. The fruity drink tasted like a blend of life savers, pineapple juice, and top shelf liquor. While I continued to drink, I wondered how Manny’s lips tasted.
“Do you want to play one of those video games over there?” He pointed. “Yeah, I’m sure that’ll be fun,” I replied as he settled our debt with the bartender. When I stood up, all the liquor that I had drank in the two hour time span had just made its way to my cooch. I felt hotter than hot as we walked towards the video games in the dimly lit corner. Since I lost the first two games of Pac-Man, Manny moved in close and wrapped his arms and hands around…

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