Analysis Of Guarneri 's, America Compared, The Essay Writers : Bergquist And Jordan

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In the following readings of Guarneri’s, America Compared, the essay writers: Bergquist and Jordan, discuss the Atlantic System; Palmer and McFarlane discuss the American Revolution. Charles Bergquist, in his essay The Paradox of Development in the Americas, illustrates how the distribution of slave and free labor within the Atlantic economy produced different New World winners and losers in the short and long run. Race, climate and culture are essential to understanding the different progress of the societies of the North and South Americas; however, each was facilitated historically by the economic roles the colonies came to play in the wider Atlantic trading system. It was these roles that structured the advancement of the labor systems that existed in all of the American colonies, and all of them practiced free labor as well as forms of coerced labor, over time one type of labor system of the other, came to characterize them. These systems that were developed, characterized the patterns of the following factors; social systems, income, land distribution, political institutions and cultural attitudes, that of which the independent states they later became. It is these choices; culture, race, and climate, made within the individual colonies that designed the irony within the development of these states, the wealthiest American colonies became the poorest states and the poorest colonies became central of the nation as well as the wealthiest of states. The northern…

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