Analysis Of Ben Carson And The President Of The United States

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William Jennings Bryan once said, “Never be afraid to stand with the minority when the minority is right, for the minority which is right will soon be the majority.” So often being Americans, we catch ourselves pulling for the underdog or cheering with the minority in hopes to see the majority fall in embarrassment. Historically speaking an independent woman was frowned upon and in some cases, they still are and a black African American was not even considered to be politically capable of running a country until 2008 when Barak Obama became president of the United States. Men and woman, both black and white throughout history have been underestimated and thrown to the side with the minority who accepted them. It takes a special leader from these minorities to step up for what they believe in. But, what happens when minority faces minority through debate and intellect? Neurosurgeon Ben Carson and once first lady Hillary Clinton have elected to run against each other in the upcoming presidential campaign. Ben Carson will be representing the Republican Party while Hillary will run democrat like her husband, President Bill Clinton, before her.
Ben Carson’s childhood was not the greatest being raised in poverty on the streets of Detroit, but that did not stop the future Republican candidate from pursuing his dream of becoming a physician. His mother, Sonya Carson, use to say, “Learn to do the best and God will do the rest.” Dr. Ben Carson understood this at a young age. Ben…

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