Essay on An Era Of War And Struggle For Independence

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The time period from 1920 through 1991 was an era of war and struggle for independence throughout the world. It was a time that witnessed the rise of many dictators and the efforts of oppressed peoples to free themselves from the brutality of those rulers.

North Korea invaded South Korea on June 25th, 1950 in order to unite Korea by force. South Korea was caught off guard and North Korean troops took over the capital, Seoul, and almost took over the whole country. The United Nations forces in Korea attacked Incheon, a city near Seoul, in September of 1950. This caught North Korea off guard. The United Nations were able to take back Seoul and push North Koreans back into North Korea. The United Nations decided to continue to fight, and invaded North Korea in October of 1950. North Korea was almost lost entirely to South Korean and United Nations forces, but the Chinese came into the picture. China had hundreds of thousands of troops, and helped North Korea to force South Korean and United Nation back into South Korea. Seoul was lost for a second time to the communists in January of 1951. After much planning, United Nation forces regained Seoul in March. The United Nation Forces pushed North Koreans back about 20 miles above the border. The United States wanted peace talks to begin. Peace talks went on without anything happening for the next two years. Battles were still fought in the same area 's around the border. Finally, on July 27th, 1953, papers were signed…

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