Essay on An Educator 's Role Is A Complex One

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An educator’s role is a complex one. An educator’s role is to provide future generations with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist them on their journeys toward adulthood. In today’s society, the demographics are rapidly changing. Children and families are coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. To assist the demand for culturally competent educators, many educational programs have been implemented to accommodate the diversity. The teaching profession requires continuous education for educators because the educational requirements, demographic of students, and subject matter being taught are constantly changing. A teacher’s responsibilities extend further than the classroom perimeter. They act as advocates and mentors for the students, families, and community. Teachers have the most direct interaction with the students, therefore they are held accountable for the instruction and their students’ achievement. As a result, more pressure is put on the teachers to prove how effective their teaching methods are.

Many factors make-up the diverse demographics in today’s schools such as family structure, religion, language, and ability. Families in the U.S. today are much more different than they were sixty years ago. Now they include single-parent families, skipped generation families, LGBTQ families, and families with adopted children, to name a few. Educators must respect the diversity of those families within the school and provide those to students…

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