Essay on An Authoritative Organizational And Feminine Culture

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Internal Relations is public relations that companies uses to communicate with their employees. The primary role of internal relations that the book, Effective Public Relations describes it as to be able to effectively communicate within an organization. Some key-words that are used to describe different methods of Internal Relations is asymmetrical worldview and symmetrical worldview.
Asymmetrical worldview is an applied system that some organizations used, such as the military, where the goal is to get the results it desires without any changes in how they procure it. Usually has an authoritative organizational and masculine culture. An authoritative organizational culture is driven on competition and a high division of labor, where management and employees are far remove from each other, with little or no communication between them. As for masculine culture, traditional masculinity comes into play at the work force such as being aggressive, independent, and competition.
Symmetrical worldview is the opposite of Asymmetrical. Companies that has symmetrical worldview are open to innovative ideas, are willing to compromise and negotiation, and are better equipped on handling conflict resolution. Symmetrical are traditionally more participative organizational and feminine culture. A participative organizational culture is dominated with teamwork, feedback, and where management and employees have open channels of communication consistently flowing. For feminine culture tends…

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