An Analysis Of Kay Redfield Jamison 's ' An Unquiet Mind ' Essay

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Part A: Symptoms and Diagnoses Kay Redfield Jamison’s memoir, An Unquiet Mind, is a clinical and personal perspective on Bipolar I Disorder. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Jamison brings an unparalleled perspective to the manic-depressive memoir shelf. She’s able to cut deep into the subject with professionalism, meaningful diction, care, compassion, and most important of all—true life experience. Raised in a military family with a history of mental illness, Jamison began displaying symptoms of bipolar disorder when she was just a senior in high school (Jamison, 1996). She had her first attack of manic-depressive illness that caused her mind to spiral out of control. These experiences escalated during her undergraduate years and by the time Jamison entered her mid-twenties manic depression had taken over her life. The memoir leads the reader through dizzying upward spirals, only to bring them crashing back down, mirroring Jamison 's own cycles of moods. In the end some solace is reached through therapy, medication (lithium), and what Jamison views as an overarching theme in her story, love. Her survival was in part in the hands of others, her family, her doctor, husbands and lovers, and Jamison acknowledges this (Jamison, 1996).
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) clearly states what criteria must be met for bipolar disorder to be diagnosed. To be diagnosed with bipolar disorder the patient must meet the following criteria for manic episodes, which can be broken down…

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