An Analysis Of Fort Hays State University Essay

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Amber R. Woodyard
Fort Hays State University

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Looking around at the various items hanging on the walls, the soft yet warm paint colors on the walls, watching staff members dressed in various fun prints of scrubs while assisting patients to their destinations. Sitting in the lobby while waiting for the interview, the feeling in the room is comforting; warm with the thermostat humming softly on low, and the walls are soft in color of light pastels with cream boarders. Adjacent to the waiting room, elderly voices are chatting away at the days upcoming events and what they are looking forward to the most. Hearing kind replies and comments from a staff member while speaking with a patient about an upcoming family visit; the staff speaks louder than the patient because her ears are not as good as they once were. Two days this patient awaits her family visit; her excitement bubbles out, talking about years gone by. Appropriate jokes, smiles, and laughter are spread among staff members in the immediate vicinity. A staff member approaches with a smile and says, “Hi, Amber. Bill is ready to see you. How are you and your little ones?—Well, I suppose they are not so little any more . . . young ones! How are you and your young ones”? Discussions of family members are caught up while walking down the hallways to Bill’s office and the Laboratory (Lab). Bill works in the Lab department in the…

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