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The Amritsar Massacre took place on April 13th 1919. It was committed by the British, who were colonized in India from the 1600’s to 1945. Before the Amritsar massacre, there was tension between Indian civilians and the British colonies for decades. This caused protests, mostly peaceful, throughout India. In March of 1919 the British passed the Rowlatt Act, invading the Indians privacy and decreasing their rights. On April 6th leaders of a peaceful protest against the Rowlatt Bill were arrested followed. This caused riots by the followers of the Indian protest leaders.The Massacre changed many Indians feeling toward the British Empire in India. The Indians were treated with little respect from the British, the Indians’ behavior by …show more content…
A leader, named Dr. Satyapal, purposed peaceful and constitutional freedom. Soon after he was arrested during a peaceful protest and his followers started rioting. During this riot, the Indians killed several Europeans and burned British schools, banks and buildings. (A LOT OF THIS PARAGRAPH READS LIKE A SERIES OF FACTS WITHOUT ENOUGH OF A CONNECTION TO A MAIN IDEA OR YOUR THESIS) A day later, Dyer put up restriction for Indians, such as having no religious meeting or gatherings. Jallianwalla Bagh, a Garden, is a walled in area with only a 7 foot entrance and exit. On April 13th 1919, a religious gathering of Amritsar and other villages gathered. An estimated 15,000 people gathered in the garden. The Indians were unaware what was about to happen. Dyer ordered his troops to fire at the large unarmed crowd of people without warning. 650 rounds of ammunition were fired in about 10 minutes. About 379 people died from British history sources. However, Indian history sources recorded 1,000 people died during the Amritsar Massacre and over 3,000 were wounded. (CITATION NEEDED) The British reasoning for the massacre was very weak. The British rulers should have considered the Indians thoughts about the Rowlatt Act. Many Indians suffered because of the Rowlatt Act leading to the Amritsar Massacre. (THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ANALYSIS HERE OF WHAT HAPPENED AND HOW IT INFLUENCE THE INDIAN INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT)

After the Amritsar

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