American Revolution - Analytical Paper

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Analitical Paper – American Revolution

The American Revolution, which is discussed in Chapter four of Crosscurrents in American Culture, was led by several factors, indicated throughout chapter four and described in form of primary sources. Using these primary sources, paraphrasing and summarizing the events I will declare, analyze and interpret why these events lead to the eventual occurrence of the American Revolution and how the Revolution effected the new and existing nations. Firstly, as stated in “A speech to the Six Confederate Nations (…)”, when the first armed battles in Lexington, Concord took place, delegates were concerned with keeping neutral parties, as the Indians, remaining neutral, as they had been among their
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Through its understandable, “common sense” approach and word of mouth it reached a vast number of people, awakening thoughts that have been stumbling in people’s subconscious. Through this seeking independence approach, a lot of people were made aware of the circumstances, promoted to choose sides and follow their allies. Therefore a lot of people teamed up and acted up for their independence, which concurrently led to beginning acts of the revolution. In addition, other key points are events, such as the Stamp Act, its repeal and the Boston Tea Party. To finance their troops and army stationed in America the British started taxing ridiculous items, sometimes without any formality, imposing extra costs on purchased items, due to their expenditures during war with the French. The Stamp Act was repealed in 1766, just a year after its beginning in 1975 (116ff). As stated in “ (…) The repeal of the Stamp Act (…)1766”, for one day residents of Boston took a time off rebelling and being protesting and celebrated the repeal of the Stamp Act with various interesting gestures they walked thorough the streets and for example presented symbolisms commonly used to display liberty (117). On the contrary, “The Boston Tea Party” took place after the Tea Act was put in place and did not have a as cheerful celebration following it. After British had decided to put taxes on importations of Tea, colonists rebelled by dumping all imported tea from a ship load into the Boston

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