Essay on American Psycho: Tuesday - Analysis by Frederik Jægergaard

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TUESDAY, a chapter from the novel “American Psycho” (1991) by Bret Easton Ellis.

Lack of remorse and guilt, shallow affect, glibness/superficial charm and impulsivity are common characteristics found in the behaviour of a psychopath. Patrick Bateman, the main character of this novel, has similar behaviour. Even after spontaneously and brutally killing an innocent homeless man, he still finds his evening anticlimactic and boring, and regrets not attending dinner with some colleagues at the Salvadorian bistro.

In this chapter of the novel “American Psycho”(1991) by Bret Easton Ellis, Patrick Bateman, a successful and wealthy businessman, brutally murders an innocent homeless man. Bateman approaches the bum as a kind and caring person,
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The murder is described in a calm and distant fashion, which makes the murder even more abhorrent to read. The murder sends Bateman into a high, and he decides to go to McDonald’s and order three vanilla milkshakes. During his visit at McDonald’s, he regrets not attending dinner with his colleagues at the Salvadorian Bistro. The high then settles and his blood thirst slowly returns when he sees two girls looking at him in a flirtatious way. The novel is narrated chronologically in first person from Patrick Bateman’s point of view. The events happening in this chapter is quite unpredictable given the fact that he viciously murders a homeless man for no reason. Given the fact that the novel is narrated from Patrick Bateman’s point of view the events of the story are described subjectively, which makes the narration unreliable. The main character, Patrick Bateman, suffers from one or several psychological diseases. He has shallow affect and lack of remorse and guilt. In addition, he seems to have some anger problem and schizophrenia. The reason for this claim is that, I do not find it normal for a person to at first want to help a person, and from one moment to another decide to kill him. This cynical and narcissistic behaviour is what I would call a psychopath. In general, the language is

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