American History Is A Double Edged Sword Essay

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American History is a double edged sword. While there are many things we have done that have been amazing spectacles of independence and opportunity for even the poorest of people, there are also many parts that we cast a shameful light on our United States. While we may not be proud of those moments in history where we oppressed a certain group of people -our acceptance of slavery, our treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and our shunning and extradition of falsely accused people during one of the red scares- we must acknowledge these events in order to humble ourselves. One of these shameful points is our dealing with our former colony: the Philippines. While we may be on good terms with this country today, we must recognize that this has not always been the case. In truth, the Filipino people, throughout the early twentieth century, have faced many obstacles on their path to freedom from the United States, and have worked and suffered to achieve independence from the nation that often claims to represent liberty. As in most nations existing today, the Philippines faced hardships on their path to independence from a parent nation. For the Filipino people this came in the form of primarily two different governments over time, Spain and The United States of America. Their first conquerors, the Spanish, treated them as a territory and had a foothold in the island chain trailing back for years, however as war and loss of colonies weakened the once great…

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