Essay about America 's Federal Bureaucracy And Public Policy

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1. By whom and what means can bureaucrats and bureaucracies be held accountable for in public policy? The Congress. The America’s Federal Bureaucracy, the administrative organization that handles the day-to –day business of the government, is huge. By some estimates, it employs about four million people. The bureaucracy has lots of power, lots of energy, and lots of momentum (
2. What is public policymaking? Policy refers to a broad statement that reflects future goals and aspirations and provides guidelines for carrying out those goals Hill (1993: p.47) defines as the product of political influence, determining and setting limits to what the state does. Public policy to be more precise, when a government takes a decision or chooses a course of action in order to solve a social problem and adopts a specific strategy for its planning and implementation (Anderson 1975).
How can the three branches of government hold each other accountable when implementing public policy? The three branches hold each accountable when implementing public policy. The Executive Branch make sure the laws of the United States are carried out. The three branches of Government are Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch. The Executive Branch makes sure the laws of the United States are carried out. The president’s cabinet and federal agencies are also part of the executive branch. The most important duty of the legislative branch is to make laws. Laws are written,…

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