Alcohol And Drug Use Can Rob Your Body And Mind Essay

1575 Words Apr 16th, 2016 null Page
In the article Alcohol or Drug Use Can Rob Your Body of Nutrients, Carolyn Ross explains how supplement can help one’s body and mind. She starts off by using alcohol as an example of something that deprives the body of nutrients. It is explained that alcohol has plenty of calories, and gives multiple reasons as to why it is not good for the human body. The first steps towards better health is to nourish the body with supplements like Vitamin A, C, B, and D. Other supplements can help one’s body recover from the lack of nutrients caused by the misuse of alcohol. If addiction or anxiety is an issue in one’s life, it is important that they seek help from a doctor and trying one of the supplements listed in the article. This article can teach someone with addiction problems how to transform their lives and make it for the better.
This article relates to topic of neuroscience psychology, which is also known as biological psychology. The study of Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system, and it contains the study of many different integrate topics, including psychology. Alcohol and drugs begin to rob the body of nutrients when the amount taken into the body exceeds the amount recommended, which is usually caused by addiction. Addiction can start from the thought of needing a substance, like some sort of craving, and this thought process comes from the brain. Once alcohol and drugs begin to malnourish the body of nutrients, one’s brain can begin to suffer. Too much alcohol…

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