After the Fact: Declaring Independence Essay

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November 19th, 2012
Mr. Penza A-Block
After the Fact: Declaring Independence The Declaration of Independence drafted by Thomas Jefferson and adopted by the Second Continental Congress expresses the thirteen American colonies desire to disjoin from Great Britain. Chapter 4 of “After the Fact,” entitled Declaring Independence, presents factual viewpoints of historians as well as thorough examinations aroused from the possible confusions of the renowned document. In May of 1766 Jefferson met with the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia to discuss whether or not the states should regard themselves as part of the British Empire. The manner was debated by a group of radicals such as Jefferson and the Adams
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He bases his accusations on tariffs which the king vetoed in reducing slavery, but this portion was inevitably left out of the declaration by Congress. Therefore it is no mere coincidence that the occurrence of insurgence and protest among slaves increased considerably in the decade following the Stamp Act. Blacks begin offering their aid to fight in wars if granted freedom, especially by Virginian governor Dunmore. This affected the British and colonial men who saw it as an effective threat and depended on “which side could arm the negroes faster.” In the end, despite Jefferson’s contradictions the Declaration of Independence helped our country escape a racially bigoted society, and has served as a precedent for many prosperous nations to live a life of “liberty in pursuit for happiness,” as we Americans do. The authors Davidson and Lytle summarized, reconstructed, and deciphered the complications and confusions aroused from the Declaration of Independence. The authors demonstrated how their writings differ from the vast majority of historians who only focus on what they are interested in and exclude essential information. In this sense, the authors thoroughly viewed the document as an entity. The writings are so comprehensive and thoughtful that they account for how the Declaration would have been if things “Jefferson and the Congress

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