Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Country 's Urban Areas Essays

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Nowadays, about half of the nation’s population in the world lives in urban areas. Even now, more and more people are moving into the cities for urban life. According to the Census Bureau data, in 2013, there are 2.3 million more people living in urban areas than in 2012. Now 269.9 million people live in urban cities and their surrounding areas. During 2012 and 2013, just 92 out of the country 's 381 metropolitan areas lost their population. ( Since 2010, the movement in population to America’s urban areas has been increasing because the economic recovery started going up again. Why do many young people wish to live in urban areas, not in the countryside? Living in a large metro area has positive advantages over living in a countryside: easy approach to diverse superior facilities, serviceable transportation and opportunities to get much better jobs and also better working conditions.
In most people living in urban areas, they don’t feel any uncomfortable about transportation system because most urban areas have an adequate transportation service. However, the rural areas have a different situation. There are around 13.2 million individuals with inabilities living in rural areas of the United States. The lack of transportation is one of the most frequently reported problems facing this population and the rehabilitation providers who serve them (Kidder 1989; Page 1989; TonsingGonzales 1989; Nosek et al. 1992).…

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