Activity Based Education : An Effective Style Of Indirect Teaching

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Activity based education is an effective style of indirect teaching that allows students to work together in small stations that are focused on specific learning objectives and skills. Activity based education focuses on allowing students of different ability levels to work together on teacher facilitated exercises, where students get to work at their own pace and there is emphasis on actually doing the activity/skills taught in class. Not only this, but students are also given the chance to help their peers when their peers are struggling with a concept/skill and their peers can help when they struggle with a skill as well. Activity based education enhances students experience by not only teaching students the content that they must know but allowing the students to apply what they have learned at their own speed in their own group. Activity based education is fulfills the Bloom’s Taxonomy model, by this I mean that the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain are all accessed in an activity based education lesson. The objectives of an activity based learning lesson are get students working together, working at their own pace, focusing on specific skills and make sure everyone gets to practice all the skills included in the lesson. When executed correctly this style of indirect teaching sets students up to fully understand and practice the skills that were taught in class by working in collaborative skill specific stations. This style of teaching is ideal for the…

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