About Independence Day in Small Paragraph Essay

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(Translation of an excellent article from Thuglak, a Tamil fortnightly)

Preface: Is it a rule that only PM or CM should unfurl the National Flag and address the citizens? Should not a chance be given to a citizen who is enjoying independence?(?!)

This is an attempt to think how a citizen will address on the eve of Independence Day.

My dear Citizens of India (bayoon aur bahnoo)

Namaskar. India is a free country and everybody has freedom. Isn’t it? There is no section of our society which is not enjoying freedom in this country. Even our prisoners are free to live with kanja and Mobile phones inside the prisons. Not only there is freedom for the prisoners to attack each other inside prison, even outsiders have the
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If you prefer to select the business of smuggling, you are free to smuggle rice, sand, cement or TV as you wish. There is no legal list restricting things to be smuggled. Anything can be smuggled. If that is not possible you can conveniently start the business of manufacturing pirated CDs from the comforts of your house itself.

There is no unnecessary compulsion that only people with a MBBS degree should practice. Anybody can freely practice medicine in this country even without any degree..

The age old tradition that only government can print currency notes has been smashed now. In independent India people have the freedom to print currency notes. You can notice with happiness that there are various groups enjoying the freedom of printing currency notes operating from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Maoists and terrorists are also enjoying freedom in this great country. Maoists are free to derail any train at any time and in any route. Terrorists are free to plant bombs anywhere in this country. To honour the freedom given to Maoists and terrorists, our PM is addressing the Nation from a bullet-proof case on the 15th of August. Poor PM, he is the only person not having freedom in this country!

There is no bar on Ministers regarding quantum of corruption. Sky is the limit. They can loot lakhs or crores depending on their abilities. Similarly there is no bar specifying that corruption can be only in certain departments or areas.

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