A Teacher I Find My Self Entering A Profession Essay

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As a perspective teacher I find my self entering a profession that is the state of transition. The education system that I once knew is about as cutting edge as a rotary telephone. While some may believe that their rotary telephone has always got the job done and if it ain 't broke why fix it? The truth is that education system of yesteryear is not going to cut it. In fact it hasn 't cut it for quite awhile. Another truth is that the education system that is currently in place is already behind. I would compare it to a cordless phone. The hardest truth is that tomorrows education is probably comparable to a first generation I phone. There is an enormous need to equip our students with the tools needed to be successful in their not so distant futures. The education system that we know is in need of an upgrade.

If we as teachers are going to get our students career and college ready then we must adapt to the world in which we live and teach. Our education system has upped the ante with the implementation of the Common Core standards. Andrew Miller an educational consultant who trains teachers on technology with Common Core standards says, "If Students are going to be able to meet these challenging standards, classrooms should immediately begin using technology"(Huseman). The truth is that technology has taken over the world. We use technology is every single capacity our lives. Technology has made the world more efficient, capable, and productive. Isn 't it time we made our…

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