A Socio Cultural Lens Offers A Contextual Approach Essay

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A socio-cultural lens offers a contextual approach to understanding children and youth. This approach is beneficial towards young people because it employs a unique methodology in seeking to address issues regarding human behaviour and development, by considering how social relations and environmental context shape an individual. This process allows us to challenge our own beliefs and causes us to question how young people are influenced by their social environment and culture. These methods are used to examine the impact of social groups and cultures that individual’s are a part of. It is imperative to challenge our ‘adult’ assumptions of young people by engaging with qualitative research that allows young people to voice their thoughts and ideas. In the reading Doing Research on and with Children, the author reflects on what we know about children while exploring how qualitative research is useful in understanding adolescence and youth by challenging conventional ‘truths’. The author further asserts how important qualitative research is when conducting research with children. Within the research, the author explores how young people are shaped by society and culture while also exploring how young people shape their society and culture through a socio-cultural lens. According to the author, this method provides an opportunity to understand young people’s thoughts and feelings about themselves, their environments, and the social world around them. This approach is also…

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