Essay on A Search For Independence : Kate Chopin 's The Awakening

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A Search for Independence in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening
The Awakening by Kate Chopin centers on the Pontellier family – Leonce, his wife Edna, and their two sons, Etienne and Raoul – residing in New Orleans during the end of the 19th century. The family spends their summer vacationing on Grand Isle at a resort ran by Madame Lebrun and her two sons, Robert and Victor. During this time, Edna’s emotions begin to shift as she wrestles with her traditional patriarchy duties and her desire for social freedom. Upon the families return to New Orleans, Edna continues to struggle and reassess various aspects of her life. Throughout the novel, Edna Pontellier searches for independence by isolating herself from society and withdrawing from her traditional duties associated with being a mother and a wife. Her pursuit of independence eventually ends in an act of suicide in the Gulf of Mexico.
Upon the Pontellier’s return to New Orleans, Edna reassesses her perceived social responsibilities and priorities. She begins to realize “her position in the universe as a human being and to recognize her relations as an individual to the world within and about herself” (Chopin 45). Edna’s change in thought and realizations regarding her duties in society lead her to become more active in maintaining her own happiness. Edna describes that “at a very early period, she had apprehended instinctively the dual life – that outward existence which conforms, the inward life which questions” (47). This is…

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