A Report On The Npd Process Essay

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According to Kenneth A. Crow (2001), these PM tools and techniques provide the following functions:
- Document the NPD process in the form of stages/phases, gates, responsibilities, process flows, activities and deliverables
- Organise process management (schedules, process activities and deliverables)
- Plan and supervise a project portfolio
- Process task and deliverable status can be shared with PM systems
- Provide access control to documents and files
- Provide a cooperation platform for threaded discussions, activities and documents
- Provide control and an complete rundown of projects and their status
- Provide models for deliverable documents
- Serve as a deposit record for business deliverables/documents (on contrary to product data which is better managed with a product data management system)
- Support management with resource planning and analysis of flow
- Share project documents across the team members of the company and other authorized personnel
- Support a phase-gate process with tracking gate and phases progress and unsettling gate review documents to reviewers for agreement
- Track deliverables and rank of projects against the defined process

All of these tools and techniques have the objective to:
- Assist planning (specify resource requirements and specify duration)
- Assure adherence to the process
- Bring together information on the status of the project relative to the process
- Calculate costs and plan the budget
- Communicate upcoming process…

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