A Mixed Methods Study Of Effective Teaching Essay

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In the article Stories and Statistics: Describing a Mixed Methods Study of Effective Classroom Practice Kington, Sammons, Day, and Regan (2011) the authors identified key factors that confer effective teaching in a K-12 environment within differing socioeconomic contexts. Kington et. al. (2011, pg. 103) studied two fields of research: teacher effectiveness and effective practices. They felt this could be accomplished by focusing on three broad aims. Kington et.al. (2011, pg. 103) studied effective teaching and schools hoping to identify what practices make an effective teacher. The purpose of the research is to support and promote effective teaching practices. Kington et al. (2011, pg. 103 & 104) chose three different research questions they are as follows: 1. To describe, analyze, and explain the variation in primary and secondary school teachers’ classroom behaviors and practice, focusing on English and mathematics teaching. 2. To explore typical and more effective classroom practice of teachers in Years 2, 6, and 9, across different school contexts, professional life phases, and ages in relation to professional, situated, and/or personal factors, which are perceived to affect observed practice over time.
3. To draw out implications from the findings of (1) and (2) above for policy makers concerned with raising standards for schools and for teacher development.
There is not clearly stated hypothesis in Kington’s et al. (2011, pg. 104) research. They do state,…

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