A Little Brief History Of The Civil War Essay

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To be able to put the following three sites into perspective, one must first understand a little brief history of the Civil War. There were many reasons that led to the war, to keep the country united, for every Free State a Slave State was added. However, this balance soon broke because there were many upcoming new Free States. Abraham Lincoln was elected as president, and the south seceded starting with South Carolina. There were many things that separated the North and South. The North was more industrial based with the South more rural. The North saw African Americans as equals, while the South as slaves. Well fighting was the important part, but most of the time the two armies moved from area to area, and just passed the time until the next battle. That’s where we find the first site. Live in the camps varied by the position in the army. Like a pyramid based society. There higher up the rank, the more benefits one would get. Life was often unbearable, so the items they brought where essential to keeping up their moral, and helping them get from day to day without causing mutiny. The everyday soldier, the infantry, only brought what they could carry on their back. This varied from 30 to 40 pounds of stuff. Because they could only bring what they could carry, they would bring things more essential to their survival. These soldiers were also given a half a tent. So they were usually pairing up in two, so that they could build a tent. One couldn’t find a pair?…

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