Essay on A Glass Half Empty By Coca Cola

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A Glass Half Empty
When walking down the beverage isle of a supermarket, what do you see? Mainly soda, juice, and water, right? Well next time you are there, take a second to look a little closer at the amount of calories in the supposedly “healthier” apple juice compared to Coca-Cola. Although many Americans believe that juices are healthier for their body’s versus soda, consumers should reconsider because most juices contain just as much sugar, calories, and artificial flavors as soft drinks. Both Coca-Cola and Mottes Apple Juice contain roughly 140 calories per 8-ounce serving mostly from sugar. This is absolutely stunning considering how juice producers seem to pride themselves on being a healthy alterative to soda.
Juice is supposed to be this great thing that we can drink without any worries of what might be in it because it’s, “natural” right? Well, think again. As I mentioned before, juice contains just as much sugar as soda and is arguably just as unhealthy to drink. Not only this, but juice also contains chemicals to keep its flavor while it is in storage. In addition, juice also has more fructose than soda. Now obviously these ingredients will vary based on the brand, but most still contain roughly as much sugar as soda. So my conclusion here is that soda is still worse to drink because many of the flavors are artificial, but I believe that we need to rethink the idea that juice is much healthier than soda so we can drink as much as we want. All this is doing is…

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