Essay about A Concert At The Georgia State Recital Hall

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On April 7, 2016, the GSU Jazz Combos came to play a riveting concert at the Georgia State Recital Hall. Two combos performed that night; the first was a quintet directed by David Frackenpohl, and the second combo of the night was an octet directed by Robert Dickson. The members constituting the first combo were bassist David Schroeder, drummer Zach Benator, guitarist Bob Tarkington, tenor saxophonist Chris Suarez, and vocalist Oriana Wisdom. The members of the second combo were bassist David Schroeder (once again), drummer Jordan Holiman, guitarists Daniel Melton and Alex Hassell, and alto saxophonists Stephen May and Rodney Allen. In addition, the second combo also featured Morehouse College students Dakarai Barclay and Wes Hunn on trumpet and tenor sax, respectively. Both combos performed a repertoire of jazz standards, mixed in style and feel. Each combo played as a tight unit, the members coordinating with each others’ playing synchronously and complementing the excellent improvisations each member brought to the table. All of the solos had a unique flair and enough diversity from each performer to add a basket of personalities that left each song never tiring and always interesting the audience with what next soloist would come forth with. Taking their own spin at these classic pieces, the GSU Jazz Combos payed a wonderful homage to the original music and artists while still giving a compelling performance that reminds us why Jazz is still a great American music form.…

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