Essay on A Brief Note On The Fastest Gun Shooter

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There sitting atop a carriage, Vin was surveying the border, the out vigilant gunslinger. The fastest gun shooter around and baddest of them all. Know to the group of seven for at first being indecisive, he wore a salmon pink shirt, a blue necktie like scarf, and a faded wide brim cowboy hat. His face was exposed: tan and aged by the sun and the things he’s done. Ever since he saw Chris sticking up for the dead’s’ rights, he knew that he needed to help fight the bad guys in Ixcatlan. After debating on if he should join, he made the decision to become a part of the group and joined them in at bar. As they rode towards the town, his head was sweaty and his brow covered with a shine. His hat drooped in the front, getting ready for what was to come. Across his hips, a tight belt holding his pistol and another belt holding all his rounds. Besides him sat his rifle, powerful and deadly in his hands. A hero can be a everyday, normal person who goes out of their way to do whats right regardless of if they get hurt in the long run. In The Magnificent Seven Vin would be considered a hero based off the description of a hero. He has that characteristic of being a normal everyday guy, but rises above it to do what is needed and what is right.
Vin is a hero in the way that he can be considered a normal everyday guy but yet he puts that to the side in order to help people he doesn’t know. Vin is an everyday guy by the fact that he could get a job as being a grocery clerk. When he says…

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