Essay on A Better Understanding Of Meaningful Teaching

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To get a better understanding of what meaningful teaching is I interviewed two different teachers. First, Mrs. Cox is a self-contained third through fifth grade special education teacher with more than fifteen years’ experience in the field of Special Education. Then, I interviewed Miss Mundy an inclusive first grade classroom teacher with five years of teaching experiences. Although there are many differences between Mrs. Cox and Miss Mundy, such as year experience, classroom settings, and grade levels, their answers to the interview questions were very similar.
First, I Spoke with Mrs. Cox. I could tell that Mrs. Cox was a seasoned teacher. She has a real passion for teaching especially the Special educational field. When asked, “Why did you want to become a teacher? Why do you continue to teach?” She replied, “I became a teacher because I truly wanted to help others and make a difference in the lives of others. I continue to teach for those same reasons” (S.Cox, personal communication, March 9, 2016). Mrs. Cox stated that for a meaningful and worthwhile teaching and learning experience to take place that students must know that you care about them and trust your leadership. She feels the best way to get students to work hard and do their best is to make them feel valued and like they are successful with a given task. In addition, a teacher must make a personal connection with each student that you teach. When asked what makes a good teacher she stated a teacher must be…

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