A Beautiful Day Is A Film By American Writer And Director Don Hertzfeldt

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It’s Such a Beautiful Day is a film by American writer and director Don Hertzfeldt. Hertzfeldt is an award winning cult animator who combined three of his earlier short films, seamlessly into one longer film. It’s Such a Beautiful Day tells the discombobulating story of Bill, a stick figure man suffering from an unnamed illness. This film exhibits several postmodern qualities, including the disjunctive antiform, the diegetic levels of narration, the playful use of absurdity, and the visually schizophrenic dream world.
It’s Such a Beautiful Day uses a visually unique form of storytelling by blacking out sections of the screen, showing several stories at once and using a border around the screen with unexplained images. For most of the film, a large section of the screen is blacked out while the action takes place in small white circles of light that appear in different positions around the screen. The audience is constantly moving their eyes and changing their focus. This prevents the viewer from getting lost in the story and reminds them that they are watching a movie. Because there is usually more than one white circle of action, the audience must decide where to look and which story is in line with the narrator’s descriptions. There are often random images that do not get explained until later in the movie. In several scenes, the black screen has inch border of moving images and lights. These images are of real things, usually scenes of nature or space, and…

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